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~*TG/TF*~ Story Requests
Since I have a lot of time on my hands (thanks to the winter break), I need to find something to do. Please let me know if there are any story ideas you'd like me to write! Please comment for more information, if you'd like. I can tell you what I can do / prefer to write, if that's of any importance! :D
Of course, I can't respond / do every request, so I'll pick out the best ones I get.
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~*RP*~ Anything Goes
I'm kind of bored, so I decided to start something random. I dunno how many people I'll reply to, but this is temporary before I have an idea for an actual RP. So, feel free to reply!
Let me know what you prefer in terms of story, TF/G, and so on. Could have no story, if you want something more casual!
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Mature content
~*TG*~ Repossession :iconviolietta:Violietta 34 10
~*TG Stories*~ What do you want?
While I'm preparing to write a few stories in the coming few weeks, I'd like to write smaller ones as per requests. So, tell me: What do you want me to write? I will write anything as long as there's a decent plot to go along with it. 
A list of things I can write (items not mentioned here are not excluded):Mind Change (Major, minor) Personality Loss (aka full mind wipe, identity replacement) Hypnosis AR / APTGTFInanimate (Semi-living) Lewd (I can accept certain fetishes, just let me know) Anything with a good story
What I will not write:
Waterwork fetishScat stuffInflationAnime / video game / movie character TG/F (Talk to me about it, I'll only do it under certain conditions) Anything that's been too overdone or anything cheesy. 
Seeing as this is just for requests, I reserve the right to refuse to write any story I don't enjoy the concept of. I'm lenient, though, so don't worry. 
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Mature content
~*TG*~ Midnight Midtown Rave :iconviolietta:Violietta 25 2
Any TG ideas, anyone?
I'm really bored and I want to write a TG story. I'm planning one ATM, but I want to write something in between. If you have any ideas, please comment them and if I like them, I'll definitely write it! :3
:iconviolietta:Violietta 0 11
Mature content
~*TG*~ A Fresh Start :iconviolietta:Violietta 25 3

What is your favorite setting in a TG/TF story? 

6 deviants said Fantasy! Maybe something in the future or past!
5 deviants said Modern! A modern city, house, or maybe a modern club!


Since I have a lot of time on my hands (thanks to the winter break), I need to find something to do. Please let me know if there are any story ideas you'd like me to write! Please comment for more information, if you'd like. I can tell you what I can do / prefer to write, if that's of any importance! :D
Of course, I can't respond / do every request, so I'll pick out the best ones I get.
I'm kind of bored, so I decided to start something random. I dunno how many people I'll reply to, but this is temporary before I have an idea for an actual RP. So, feel free to reply!
Let me know what you prefer in terms of story, TF/G, and so on. Could have no story, if you want something more casual!

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hexmaniac by Violietta

Image found here .


A Hex Maniac TG

~ Personality Loss ~ First Person ~ Lewd ~
~ Lactation ~ Foot Play ~

    A large lightning bolt overhead quickly lightens the dark forest through which I walk through, struggling to find a shelter for the night. Getting lost is the least of my concerns at the moment, I realise, due to the overwhelmingly frequent lightning all around, striking the ground from afar at times.

    Relieved, I find a sanctuary at the clearing of the forest, sitting at the edge of the cliff. The cliff itself dips downwards past the mansion to a lake, with another forest just past it. In the rush that I am in, however, I quickly run towards the door of the ancient mansion, hoping it wouldn’t be locked. Thankfully, the door opens with little effort, instead producing a loud and sharp creak that echoes through this empty mansion, making me wince. I enter the mansion, slowly, looking around to make sure I wasn’t intruding upon an occupied mansion. It seems quite devoid of life, though. Looking around, it seems to fit the outside appearance of it. On the outside, it looks quite like an old mansion mixed with some castle elements, such as a tower. But inside, the first thing to greet me is a staircase. Two, in fact, intertwining and joining together as they reach the second floor. On the opposite wall, right across the hall, there are large windows and a wooden door with a window, overlooking the outside garden, with a long fountain.

    To the side, there’s an old dusty table with an old phone on it and an antique table lamp, while to my right there’s a corridor, with some rooms along the wall, before ending at a larger hall, very much like this. I close the door behind me, the creak as loud as it was before. I instead shut it faster, slamming it, to stop that creak. As soon as it closes, the place looks lifeless as ever; dark, devoid of life, old… Definitely a horror movie element.

    I stand still for a few moments, half scared to do anything and yet half curious about this mansion. Of course, I can’t just stand there the whole day; so, I decide to make my way to the corridor, examining the doors. The corridor only has three doors, two of which seem to be locked. The third, near the end of the corridor, is unlocked, leading to a wardrobe, a mirror at the end of it. There aren’t any clothes in this room, however; just coat hangers and whatnot. As to be expected from an abandoned mansion. I close the door, walking to the second hall.

    It appears to be a piano hall; there is a piano sitting by the wall, the bench allowing the pianist to stare at the orchard outside. There is also a dusty violin sitting by the piano, a perfect duo. But with limited lighting, and only the lightning helping me see clearly whenever it happens, I can’t really make out the other subtle details of the room. The orchard outside is barely visible, as it’s entirely dark outside. Was it evening? I can’t quite recall. I walk to the piano and tap the C-key, wondering if it’s still functional. The resulting sound sounds way off, the piano likely untuned. I sigh, looking around the room more. Bookshelves and a dining hall. Another room is present in this hall. I enter it, finding a large kitchen inside with various ingredients laid out on shelves, along with a refrigerator and kitchen tools. The ingredients look oddly fresh, as if they had just been bought or picked from a garden. Could it be that this place is occupied already?

    As I leave the kitchen and close the door behind, I hear an out of tune bell toll, very lightly, followed by loud ticking. A clock, no doubt. I look around at the origin of the sound tune, only finding a smaller clock on one of the shelves, indicating the time is now 10:00 PM. Nighttime, then. Having explored the lower floor, I decide to make my way up the stairs. So I return to the corridor through which I came, to the entrance hall. A flash of lightning lightens my way for a moment, allowing me to notice something was off. My eyes adjust to the dark, and I look around at the source. I wonder whatever could have changed? In the periphery of my vision, I notice a faint source of light; turning my head, I find the light originating from the wardrobe, the door of which is slightly ajar. Hadn’t I closed it? I make my way to the wardrobe, opening the door with a creak. There, I see the desk lamp from earlier sitting on the floor, plugged in to an outlet… But… I never moved it. How the hell…? I unplug it, and take it with me, placing it back on the table on which I found it first. That said, I quickly make my way up the stairs, looking around.

    The top floor seems overwhelmingly dark. Even the brightness of a lightning flash isn’t enough to pierce the darkness entirely. The air is cold and a bit humid, almost foggy. The top floor splits into four corridors; two on my right and two on my left, doors at each corridor, a mirror at the end. Immediately ahead of me is a wall and a window, allowing me to see the mansion in a different perspective. It seems to stretch around the orchard. An interesting design, of course. There is also a cabinet nearby, which has a small white candle, thick and short. It looks as if it burned for a long time, with wax drops on the cabinet. If I could find matches, I could easily use it to light my way.

    I flinch as I hear the sound of a door creaking open. I quickly turn my head at the source; the right hallway. A door seems to be slowly opening, and I timidly but slowly make my way toward it, reluctant… Was there someone here that I completely missed? As I go into the room, I find a large bedroom with a king-sized bed, fluffy purple sheets covering it, along with gothic type of furniture. A wardrobe and a cabinet, along with a chair and table. I yawn, getting slightly drowsy, my eyelids feeling heavier. I rub my two hands together as I yawn, my hands cold, as I am. But now isn’t the time to sleep. This isn’t the place, either. For all I know, it belongs to someone. After all, these parts seem to be maintained and less dusty. I leave the room, seeing the candle from before lit. Confused, I walk over to it, finding a pack of matches, along with a charred match next to the candle. I decide to take the candle in my hand. Under the lighting conditions, I could almost swear my hands were skinnier and daintier… Likely just my imagination.

    I make my way down the left hallway, checking each and every door. As to be expected, most doors are locked. The few that aren’t lead to storage rooms and empty rooms. One even leads to a large bathing room, with an elegant bathtub and pipes next to it for water, along with a mirror. I walk away from it, deciding to step into one of the rooms by the mirror at the end. The room surprisingly leads to another wardrobe, this one with clothes. Purple dresses hung on coat hangers along with black shoes at the floor. A mirror at the wall as well. I look at it, blinking a few times. I wasn’t the only one who was reflected by the window. But beside me… in the reflection… I saw a parallel of my own...

    Staring at my two reflections wide-eyed, I notice that my own original reflection shows that I have bags under my eyes. Must be really tired… But my facial structure seems to distort under what little light there is. My eyes glimmer a lavender-blue colour, changing from their brown colour earlier. My face seems slimmer, nose smaller, eyes more… serious, almost. My face… It’s feminine now! Smooth skin, pale… I go pale myself, shocked from the distortions. Yet my parallel reflection seems ghostly, unchanged, staring straight into my lavender blue eyes. Shocked, I grab one of the black shoes and hit the mirror with it, the glass cracking, sprinkling down on the floor. I rush out of the room, slamming the door behind me, breathing fast; but, furthering my confusion, I only find that I’m back downstairs! At that same corridor where that wardrobe was downstairs! Without much though, I quickly rush to the front door. Something was clearly wrong here, and I wasn’t going to stay to find out what. I swing the doors open.

    “B-but…” I stammer quietly. The front doors that I swung open… lead to a hallway. Not outside. The candle lights the way, doing quite a good job at it. My hands shake, and I shiver… I–I frankly don’t think there might be a way out. It already prevented me from leaving… I rush around the corridor, finding the staircase at the end. I quickly make my way down, going to the front door once more. It simply leads me back into another corridor! This one is a little different, with a different staircase leading to a different hall. No front door there, but rather a door leading to the orchard. There’s… no way I’ll make it out, is there?

    There’s one hope, I bet. Maybe the orchard? I make my way outside after opening the glass door and going out. The orchard itself seems very elegant but somewhat small, having a small gravel path surrounded by flowers and tall grass, a few pine trees and christmas trees scattered about. One of the christmas trees even outgrows the mansion, far larger than it. There’s a dark brown, soggy bench under a few of the trees, sitting in front of a small pond. I walk towards it, under a small tree, the branch of which catches my hair. I keep walking, not really minding it; although the feeling still goes on, as if it was a large strand of hair. I brush a hand over the back of my head, freeing my oddly long hair from the grip of the branch. The pond ripples a bit with each small raindrop. I walk toward the pond, looking down at it. There, I see my reflection, distorted with each ripple. I don’t see a parallel of myself, but the candlelight helps show my face and hair clearer. I seem to have longer hair, silky and coloured dark purple. I sigh, walking away from it, looking around the orchard. Aside from the door through which I came here and the other door at the main hall. Nowhere else to go. No vines to help me climb, no visible way out. I walk towards the door at the main hall, before hearing a light rustling behind me… was someone following me? Or was it the wind? I turn my head, looking, only to find a pair of rectangular eyes eyes staring at me, a grin with fangs making itself known. I back away a little, the apparition flying towards me, its hands floating beside it. A… a Haunter. Yes, that must be it.

    I stare at it, and it stares at me, its creepy grin still spread across its body. We stare at each other for a while, unmoving, before I run towards the door, fast. Of course, a pleasant feeling warms my legs and feet as I run, my feet feeling quite pleasant under my socks, my legs smooth, becoming shapely. I ignore the changes, quickly running, before stumbling, holding on to the door, quickly opening it and slamming it shut, locking the door. I can see its eyes getting closer, following me. I quickly run up the stairs, the floor feeling oddly nicer and softer at my feet. Looking down, I notice my feet have lost their shoes; outside, likely, but I don’t care. I quickly run up the stairs, going into the right hall and into the nearest unlocked room, which leads me into that bathing room earlier. It has a cold marbled floor, clean, polished, with no dust anywhere. I pant a bit, locking the door behind. I place the candle on the sink, before hiding inside the bathtub. White with some cracks at its surface, the rim golden. I sit inside the bathtub for a while, listening close. I flinch at any light sound, paranoid; any sound could be that Haunter! Who knows if it finds me? I shiver inside, closing my eyes. I close my eyes, unable to hold the weight of my eyelids… maybe a quick nap would help? I doze off to sleep…

    Mmm… I awaken to a pleasant feeling of water running down my chest. I open my eyes, yawning a bit, before noticing that the bath faucet is running, warm water flowing down to my bare chest, which now has pale, smooth skin. I don’t remember taking off my shirt… or my clothes… But it still feels rather pleasant. The water slowly fills the tub, and I stay in it, relaxing, yet still feeling my heart race. A mixture of panic and relaxation fills my mind. I close my eyes again, my muscles weakening. I lay back, taking in deep breaths, content.

    As I relax in the warm water, my chest and neck submerged, the water seems to stop flowing in, keeping everything quiet. I sigh contently. Maybe this was all a dream. Maybe it’s just a nightmare and this is me taking control of it. As I let my mind wander, I feel something… at my groin. I feel my sex getting caressed slowly, a tingling felt there as my member hardens with arousal, my face reddening and warming up with a blush. I immediately open my eyes, staring down there. I see a dark purple hand wrapped around my sex, caressing it. Haunter floats above the water, staring down with that same grin on its face. Mischievous… I quickly try to slap its hands away, except my hands go through its hands… And it keeps caressing me there! I submerge my face in the water, embarrassed, the feeling completely awkward… All of this… And I still feel my sex harden, stimulated by all this. I close my eyes, feeling myself nearing climax, before… it removes its hands. I sigh in relief, happy that it stopped. But almost instantly, I feel it being pressed down on. I open my eyes, looking at my crotch again, only to find that my member is shrinking with each press. The Haunter uses both its hands, rubbing the head of my member as well. The shaft itself becomes part of the flat skin around, no hair there, while the head slowly becomes smaller, a tiny nub. I stare with wide eyes as it slowly shoves its fingers into the smooth area, almost cutting the skin there as it produces a slit. I close my eyes again, my face reddening more as I hide it.

    I feel something wet and smooth rub my slit. Its tongue, no doubt! I can’t help but produce a slow and content moan from the feeling, as its tongue enters my newly made slit, the skin under becoming far more sensitive, wet and tingly with arousal. I feel a light discomfort at my stomach, growing stronger as a new organ forms there; a uterus. My uterus. I gasp as it dugs its tongue deeper, producing my tunnel, all wet and tingly, feeling very much like getting shocked by electricity would. That painless, numbing feeling, yet oddly pleasant there. I feel more and more stressed the more this happens, new hormones flowing in my blood now, my skin becoming smoother everywhere, pale. The static electric feeling centers on my chest, at my nipples. My nipples become a light pink colour, a bit pointy and erect, as I feel two lumps grow, fat in them. I gently brush my hand over my growing buds, my nipples especially sensitive, my arousal growing the more I feel them. With a blush, I gently give my breasts a light squeeze, sending an electric shock through my body, numbing my knees. The Haunter keeps at its job, licking me there, embellishing it. I sit up a bit, noticing white liquid flowing from my nipples with each squeeze. With a blush, I place my right hand under my left breast, before squeezing it with my left hand, white liquid leaking into my hand. I taste it, finding it to be exactly what I had expected: Milk. It tastes somewhat sweet, yet still a bit like milk, with a hint of some unique, indescribable flavour. I moan softly, enjoying this stimulation, entirely. This all just felt so good! I lay in pleasure, enjoying the ecstatic and euphoric feelings flowing through my body. Just as I feel myself getting even remotely close to releasing and orgasming, the Haunter stops, chuckling with its raspy voice. I still lay there, relaxing, before feeling my arousal slowly subside. I still lay there for a few moments after, my thoughts shifting, enjoying all this. I decide to get out of the tub, having had enough of it. I get up, my breasts stuck at C-cup size, feeling oddly sensitive to the water and all. The floor feels cold against my feet, and looking down, I notice I had no socks on, and just barefeet with toenails painted dark purple. I take a towel to dry myself off, the Haunter unplugging the drain, letting the water slowly spiral out. I walk to the sink, finding the candle still lit. But… it seems to have two yellowish orbs, staring at me. Was that a Litwick?! How had I missed it? It stares at me with a cute-ish smile, two wax orbs rising up, as if asking me to pick it up. I look into the sink, noticing a purple dress on it, along with a dark purple sweater. None of my old clothes were on it… Odd, but not paying it much mind, I put on the black lingerie undergarments, followed by the dark purple button sweater. I take my purple dress with me, saving it for tomorrow. I take the Litwick in hand, and leave the bathing room. It points to a door to the right, across the hall. Deciding to trust it, I walk over to it, and open the door.

    Walking in, I find it was that large bedroom, with that large bed and fluffy purple sheets. I yawn softly, placing the Litwick on the table beside the bed, smiling at it, and putting out the flames, feeling oddly invigorated as I do so. I slide inside the bed, finding a Banette plushie beside the pillow. With another yawn, I close my eyes, hugging it…

    In my dream, I find myself facing a mirror. A mirror that reflects my old self to me. I’m not quite sure if I should feel joyed seeing that, or if I should resort to accepting my new self… I lift my hand, brushing it against my face. My skin still feels very smooth, pale, but… the mirror fails to reflect it, my old self simply watching. The mirror cracks, as the other mirror did when I hit it with the shoe… I watch the reflection of myself disintegrate with the mirror, almost in shock, finding a Banette at the base of the mirror, the glass from the mirror on it. I awaken in bed, waking up from that nightmarish dream. The plush seems to be gone from my embrace…

    I feel something pleasant at my feet, under the sheets of the bed. Like something soft and silky was touching them. I lift the covers to stare down at my feet, seeing the Banette using its hands to softly massage them. I almost kick it away, but it just feels… very pleasant. Relaxing. It presses tighter on my feet with its plush hands, using its fingers to massage my feet. The feeling is just… I can’t describe it, but it starts to get my slit wet again, tingly with arousal, a feeling of electricity. Oh, how good it’s feeling… I can’t help but moan softly, feeling the fingers go between my toes, feeling quite pleasant and interesting…

    I awaken in my bed after that odd dream, feeling warm hands wrapped around my body. I look up, only to see that feminine version of myself. Purple hair, cute face, bags under my eyes… her eyes… If that was me, then… I look down upon myself, instantly shocked that I have awakened as the plushie I was just hugging! How did that happen?! I pull myself away from my own grip, sitting beside the pillow on which I was sleeping, as that girl… I feel my body–my plush body–with my plush hands. My senses are toned down a bit, at least just feeling. I notice the Haunter at the door, watching me, before hearing a telepathic voice in my mind, urging me to look to my left. And I do so, noticing most of my body covered in the purple sheets, except for one part: my body’s feet. I almost feel an attraction to her feet, wanting to bad to touch them, yet knowing it would be wrong of me to do so. Yet a part of my mind almost urges me to do it, the Haunter chuckling at my staring. Feeling a new part of myself urging me, I pad my way to my former body’s feet, starting to feel them softly, so smooth and soft, before deciding to start rubbing them. I’ve always enjoyed stuff like these, seeing it and experiencing it… I feel her turn a bit, starting to wake up…

    I feel myself getting a bit more aroused as the Banette softly rubs my feet, doing a rather good job at the massage. The sheets rise a bit at my groin, as I feel a hand gently rub my slit, feeling its lips. The raspy cackling is heard again, indicating it was the Haunter. I moan softly, rubbing my breasts. A gentle squeeze makes some more milk come out with a rather pleasant feeling, magnifying my arousal. Haunter’s hand explores my slit some more, before its gaseous and yet somewhat corporeal tongue starts to lick my slit, making me gasp. The Haunter rubbing my slit and the Banette massaging my feet just makes it feel all so much better… I moan pleasantly, unable to gather any thoughts, just enjoying it as it happens. Oh, it’s so good… so good…

    The Haunter seems to help me stimulate that former body of mine. It’s only fair if she gets the treatment I wanted… I keep rubbing her feet, massaging them firmly with all my plush strength, hearing her moan. Perfect. With newfound desire, I open my mouth gently, trying to stick out my tongue if I even have one. Of course, I do seem to have one; silky and cloth like. I gently lick her feet, hearing a gentle moan from her again. It keep licking them, enjoying the feeling of my silky tongue against her soft feet, and she seems to enjoy it equally.

    I moan softly as I feel the Banette’s silky tongue lick my feet. It’s not wet like Haunter’s, but rather silky and soft, a bit fluffy like the covers of my bed. The pleasant feeling is only magnified by my Haunter, as it licks my vagina more, getting deeper in, an orgasm and a release slowly building, my legs completely going numb, except for my feet. I rub my breasts more, feeling more milk wetten my lingerie bra. It just feels so good… So wonderful! I just keep at that pattern, rubbing my breasts, feeling feeling my sex quiver, squirting a bit of liquid, my Haunter chuckling again. I grasp my bedsheets with my hands, clenching my fist on them, arching my back just a bit from the pleasure. I lay in my bed, feeling the soft sheets touching my skin. I definitely must do this with my Haunter again. It was my own, of course. So was this mansion. And I most definitely was always a girl, wasn’t I? Almost instantly, I feel the plush go limp, my head hurting for a moment… No! I wasn’t a girl, I was a guy before! My heart races again, a sudden urge to run away flooding my mind, and yet my consciousness conflicts with it, telling me to stay put, telling me it’s all right… What do I do?! Conflicted, I feel the Haunter float over with a new bra, unhooking my own and replacing it… Didn’t I run away from it? No, I didn’t… It was my own. But… I ran away from it! I rub my head, not sure what to even think now… And I’m back in my human body again! I was just a Banette, and I was just rubbing this body’s feet… But… I was also in this body… I was… separated into two entities… Two different things… now merged into one mind. 
I feel an urge to go to sleep again, my eyes feeling heavy, and yet I also feel an urge to stay up with my Haunter. I sigh, sitting up in bed, still so conflicted.

    I stare at the walls, so conflicted, before feeling the Banette awaken again, at my feet. My mind feels a lot lighter, freer. No longer as conflicted… My former self’s memories were a bit more toned down, from what I can feel… Was I really a guy before? Did I really run away from Haunter? Was I really lost here...? All these questions wander through my mind. I can already feel it'll be another sleepless night. With a sort of disappointed sigh, I get up from my bed, changing my underwear. My Haunter watches me as I pick up what was left of my former self – a sentient Banette plush, and my cute Litwick. Litwick gives me a cute "Li~!" as I pick her up, taking her with me. The grandfather clock tolls, sitting beside the door of my room. 1:00 AM. I likely won't get back to sleep any time soon. 

    I walk down the hallway and make my way downstairs, going through the other corridor and into the kitchen. I can tell Litwick was hungry, since she kept pointing toward the kitchen. She lightens up again, joyous as I approach the fridge and open it, pulling out a small case of Poképuffs. Struggling to hold Banette, Litwick, and the case of Poképuffs both in my two hands, Haunter helps me with Banette, carrying it beside me as I go to the table of the piano hall, setting down Litwick on it, offering her a chocolate Poképuff. Haunter sets down the Banette on the table as well, taking a Poképuff for itself. I stare at the Banette, and it stares back at me; we both acknowledge that we're practically the same; a similar conscious in two different bodies. Staring at each other seems a bit unnervingly tense, and so, with a gentle smile, I offer Banette a vanilla Poképuff and taking one for myself, enjoying a late night / early morning snack as a small family.

~*TG*~ Repossession
Image was found here .

Just thought I'd clear that up. This story was partly suggested by :iconshodukai-kunoichi: and partly my own idea. I never meant for it to be so lewd or so complex, but I did as he suggested. Hopefully it came out alright, I tried my best to describe the two consciousnesses and all that, as well as mental conflicts. I think I quite like the way it came out. :3
While I'm preparing to write a few stories in the coming few weeks, I'd like to write smaller ones as per requests. So, tell me: What do you want me to write? I will write anything as long as there's a decent plot to go along with it. 

A list of things I can write (items not mentioned here are not excluded):
  • Mind Change (Major, minor) 
  • Personality Loss (aka full mind wipe, identity replacement) 
  • Hypnosis 
  • AR / AP
  • TG
  • TF
  • Inanimate (Semi-living) 
  • Lewd (I can accept certain fetishes, just let me know) 
  • Anything with a good story

What I will not write:
  • Waterwork fetish
  • Scat stuff
  • Inflation
  • Anime / video game / movie character TG/F (Talk to me about it, I'll only do it under certain conditions) 
  • Anything that's been too overdone or anything cheesy. 

Seeing as this is just for requests, I reserve the right to refuse to write any story I don't enjoy the concept of. I'm lenient, though, so don't worry. 


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United States
Just someone on dA trying to write TG/F stories. I don't know how active I'll be but I'll try to post often!


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DarkEdge811 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
Happy birthday :3
HitmonchanDA Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Student General Artist
What's TG?
Shodukai-Kunoichi Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Student Digital Artist
TG means transgender... It means wanting to be/feel like you're, or in these stories cases and some real life ones through surgery and hormone therapy, becoming the opposite gender
HitmonchanDA Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2016  Student General Artist
Eww... why would anyone be something they're not and/or can't be physically? I wish I was tall and 100% native American but am I? Nope. I was born this way and I can't help but live like this without self-mutilation and living a false life and a lie in general. My personality defines me, not my sex or race.
Sh0ckwavve Featured By Owner Edited Apr 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, if you're going to define it that way

1)  People have artificially changed themselves in many ways, including skin tone
2) Some tall people admit to getting surgery to be taller
3) There are some who are born with both organs for both genders inside of them, so they could be either.  There have been some cases where there has such an occurence, and then they proceeded to have the surgery to change someone's gender, and nobody blinked an eye ;P

Plus, did you know that they are trying to make this more common so one can choose their gender? :?
So TG...  May not be so farfetched.

4) Surgery isn't always self mutilating.  You're not chopping your arm or legs off;  Not unless it requires it, or unless you want to (which most people commonly do not want to).  And for many, It's not changing up your limbs or anything;  It's merely getting the aspects of the other gender because you wish to change it, as you don't view yourself as the gender you were born as.
5) Well, good for you!  But, for others, it may.  And that's why you can't judge for everyone in existence =w=
I mean, for some people, it IS quite a personal ordeal.  (gender/sex, I mean.)  So, they wish to be as they mentally view themselves.  What's wrong with that?  It's not like it affects you, right?  And it makes them happier with themselves as people.
(2 Replies)
manqarrow Featured By Owner Edited Apr 30, 2016
so, something's not right with people who like/partake in this sort of thing? or... am i misinterpreting what you're saying?
i mean, most people are involved with tg either:
want to try something new
want to be something they aren't
or some other reason

let's take transgender people, for instance. they aren't something they wish to be physically, but they are willing to take a stand to be something they physically aren't. honestly, that matters a lot, and something as degrading as assigned physique defining you forcefully can really be a hamper toward personality and character. i mean, if they don't take that stand, don't you think that person will be unhappy or uncomfortable? while you are right that personality may define you, personality can be altered by unhappiness or discomfort- which can be caused by gender/sex issues. that's just one elaboration that exemplifies what i'm trying to tell you.
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Violietta Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016  Hobbyist
That's the beauty of fiction. It can happen in, say, a roleplay or a story. It helps the readers who enjoy that sort of story escape reality, and it grants me, as a writer, more experience. If you don't like it, then the solution is quite simple: leave the community.
I'm not forcing it on you as much as you're forcing your insistence of the unreality and the realism to me. I'm writing these stories for people who like it, not for you personally. I'm not going to change my writing just because you randomly stumbled upon it and don't like it, and I mean that most sincerely.
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Shodukai-Kunoichi Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Eww... Why would people get nose jobs or boob jobs or liposuction~
Or joint replacements or transplants or corrective eye surgery
Or dye their hair or wear makeup/contacts or costumes

Dude, tons of people do that kind of stuff all the time... People can change gender IRL, and we're getting to the point where such things will be easily available, possibly even to extremes like entire species... This account is made to create false stories where people become the opposite gender, and there are people that like it... If you don't like it, you should just try to get into a different community ;p
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Lord-Enemil Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome to this page full of creative people. Enjoy your stay.
Tip: your TG stories would be better if you add an image of the girl you described on the archive
Violietta Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016  Hobbyist
Thanks for the welcome!
It would help had they not been original creations, but as I followed an original design, I doubt I'd find fitting ones. I'll do captions sometime later, with shorter stories attached to pictures.
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